SMM Malaysia – prestigious DotA Lan tournament –

Event: SMM Grand National DotA Tournament: Grand Finals 2009

When: November 27th, 28th, & 29th (3 days)

Where: A’Famosa Resort – Cowboy Town: Function Hall

Requirements: Top 4 Qualifying Champions (each state)

Grand Final Prizes:
Champion: RM 42,000 Cash + Trophy + sponsors product
1st Runner Up: RM 20,000 Cash + Trophy + sponsors product
2nd Runner Up: RM 13,000 Cash + Trophy + sponsors product
3rd Runner Up: RM 8,000 Cash + sponsors product
5th place: RM 2,000 Cash + sponsors product
6th place: RM 1,500 Cash + sponsors product
7th place: RM 1,300 Cash + sponsors product
8th place: RM 1,100 Cash + sponsors product

The Finest-Hour In DotA Gaming History Transcends Upon Us
The epitome for DotA competitions worldwide just got a whole lot grandeur as Destination Malaysia rings aloud once more through all DotA airwaves around the world, angling passionately across every spectrum at DotArians wishing to grasp the rise of DotA stardom for state and country – paving way for the very exclusive SMM Grand National DotA Tournament: Grand Finals 2009 to reveal itself.

A Spectacular Venue To Showcase Your Talent
From last year’s commercial city of Kuala Lumpur now transcends a newer set of battleground for the year 2009 as SMM brings forth the historical city of Melaka into the DotA limelight, filling the grandeur scene with enriched cultural heritage and sightseeing wonders as the well renowned A’Famosa Resort invites you as current venue host to ride alongside this euphoric occasion – in the build up towards the impending SGNDT 09’: Grand Finals this coming November.

Special Rate To Unwind Throughout this Joyous Occasion
DotArians are now welcomed to spend the night at the A’Famosa Resort throughout the tournament 3 days stint with a discounted price set by SMM, offering a complimentary 2 days stay for the price of one (RM 288) at the hotel’s leisure family suite that comes fully furnished with a living room, a kitchen and 2 double-size beds – forming the best possible comfort zone to recuperate and refurbish DotA’s weary warriors, throughout the Grand Finals stage. So give yourself a treat and enjoy the excitement with a whole lot of fun filled activities happening throughout your grand stay at the A’Famosa Resort and ease your gaming vibes with Cowboy Town’s local Theme Park and exclusive carnival activities awaiting your grand arrival.

A Moment To Remember for the Year 2009
With immense sightseeing and pictorial opportunity at every turn, all happening within the walls of the A’Famosa Resort at the SGNDT 09’: Grand Finals – we now await all incoming challenges with bated breath as we fasten our gaming seatbelt to witness the finest-hour in DotA competition worldwide.

Book Your Hotel Reservations Now
Hotel reservations for the A’ Famosa Resort during your stay at the SGNDT 09′ : Grand Finals this coming November is now up and open for booking via SMM with a special discounted price of RM 288 for a 2 nights stay (27th & 28th) at the hotel’s family studio. To book your room now, kindly opt for either Reservation via Phone or E-Mail. The general steps to follow has been listed at our official website for your booking convenience.

Registration For International Participants
International Participants interested in joining the SGNDT 09’ Grand Finals at the A’Famosa Resort can now make registrations at our SGNDT Registration Page @ International Participants. Upon registration, all International Teams will be short-listed based on eligibility and approval prior to confirmation and/or participation.

So stay tune on our Official Website at as we unveil further updates and juicier bits!

List tim yang sudah terdaftar:

1. MYM.dota
2. AEON.Int
3. Starsboba – Vietnam
4. Ehome – China
5. cD – China
6. CH – China
7 Mcity – Australia
8 Mineski – Phillipines
9. XTC – Singapore
10. Axis – Singapore
11. – Singapore
12. dmw – Indonesia
13. Digi – Indonesia
14. Evil Geniuses – America

99. DewaDota clan 😀 (hope so)


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  1. wah bayar dulu tapi, mana punya waktu buat berangkat ke sana jg, mending main jarak jauh aj jezz pake garena ^__^

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