SMM Placing

SMM has just finished. The finals between CommeDieu and FTD was a great match to be seen.

SMM has just come to a close. China did not disappoint fans as they did extremely well in this tournament. Here are the placings for SMM09:

First place: China FTD
Second place: China CommeDieu
Third place: China EHOME
Fourth place: Malaysia INC’Xlo
Fifth place: Malaysia Kingsurf
Sixth place: China CityHunter
Seventh place: Vietnam StarsBoba
Eighth place: Singapore AEON.DotA

Replay Final

game 1

game 2


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  1. kk, gw boleh minta copy map 6.64 punya lu ga? coz gw view di 6.64 gw, gambar map kelihatan tapi ga bisa di-load padahal map-nya udah sama, patch gw 1.24b, kenapa yah? kirim ke email gw kk, thx b4.

  2. ud di temuin kah jwbannya?? coba ganti ke patch 1.24c.. tapi prasaan pake 1.24b lho.. jangan lupa taruh d folder map/downloads… bukan map/download –> ada “S”nya (downloads)

  3. kasus yg aneh. mungkin map corrupt ato salah naruh map doank

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