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Update Warcraft Mu

nih KK saya kasih link update patch warcraft yang baru

patch 1.24d, kalo mau downlod versi .exe silahkan download langsung via Ftp blizzard

atau kalo mau upgrade langsung versi .zipnya download di

mirror1 (hotfile)

mirror2 (mediafire)

untuk patch 1.24c versi zip yang lama silahkan download disini


selamat bermain 😀


Ga Punya mouse gaming, tapi anda merasa PRO?? Ini solusinya (bag2)

LWT – Lescos Warcraft Toolkit

cara konfigure nya gampang kok.. gak seperti aplikasi yang udah d tulis sebelumnya..


kita tinggal assignment numlock ke keybord sesuai keinginan kamu..

paling mudah ya d Q ato Y cz jarang ke pake bwt skill hero… paling2 ke pake bwt nulis d Chat.. wkwkwk


silahkan cb n kasih koment ya




Upcoming 6.65

This means, that aside from the balance fixes, tweaks and bug-fixes that 6.64 brought us, the newest installment is expected to introduce new heroes, items or perhaps gameplay changes.

It is true that some of the previously underestimated heroes are now seeing the light of the day with the direct and indirect buffs they received, but there are still a few that don’t get much attention in public and competitive games alike. It would be rather subjective to call a hero unoriginal, but it is obvious to both the community and the developer that Chaos Knight, for example, needs at least a partial remake. If you have an idea yourself, IceFrog would probably like to know (refer to the link at the end of the text). 6.65 will surely fix some of these issues, hopefully alike to what happened to Gorgon and Razor.

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